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Internet, VoIP, security, hosting, television, back-up, storage and much more. A connection with our digital marketplace offers you access to over 80 IT service providers. Such a connection consists of a NDIX-port and, if needed, a fiber glass connection from your office to that port. You are completely free in choosing and buying IT services at the marketplace. NDIX strictly separates infrastructure and IT services. That’s why changing providers, or using services of multiple providers at the same time, causes no problems. All while you continue using the same connection.

All connected organisations can also sell IT services at the marketplace. Your NDIX-connection provides you with access to all organisations present on the digital marketplace. They are your potential customers, reachable without having to have your own fiber network. As service provider at the marketplace you will be regularly informed about new market opportunities, innovative projects and the possibilities to reach more customers through NDIX. Moreover, NDIX invites you on a regular basis to events with potential customers, other providers and fiber glass partners.

NDIX has years of experience in the broadband market. We are happy to help you with independent information and advise about broadband policy, open networks, inventory of demand, business models, marketing of infrastructure and IT services, technical aspects of a broadband infrastructure and the planning and execution of innovative projects. We regularly bring all parties that play a role in the broadband world together in workshops and network meetings to share knowledge and experience.

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Connect your network with NDIX and our digital marketplace. All IT services of over 100 providers will become available for your customers. Your network can be connected with NDIX in a datacenter, but we can also place a PoP (Point of Presence) directly in your own network so NDIX can be an open operator in your network.

With our network we can interlink your offices with a fast and secure office network that is completely separated from other networks or the internet. Exchanging data will be very easy, dependable and safe without further measures. Working together with partners will be a lot simpler. You can use IT services together, centralise servers and purchase IT servers centrally to reduce costs.

As well as a digital marketplace, NDIX is an Internet Exchange with a peering VLAN. This peering VLAN is available for automatic peering through our route server and can be used by all connected parties. Peering means exchanging IP-traffic without settlement of costs. Our peering VLAN is mostly used by service providers. But heavy internet users like government bodies are connecting to reduce costs of internet use.